Lookin’ Sharp! Silly Succulent – The Best Dog Toy Around!

Best Dog Toy - Cactus Toy

We know that funny dog toys are the best dog toys but we are pretty serious about this silly one! Our silly succulent cactus rubber dog toy may be one of our cutest and most friendly too. While a real cactus may be extremely rough on the outside (and pretty dangerous and scary for your pooch), this puppy is surely not. Dental hygiene for dogs is no joke either! The faux spikes actually massage your dog’s gums as he or she is playing! How cool is that?! Weather you are playing indoors or outdoors, this designer dog toy will keep your pup entertained for hours with its squeaker. Don’t worry it’s 100% Non-Toxic Rubber and meets US Child Safety Standards, Phthalates and is BPA free- you can’t beat that!

Attention all Sea Dogs: get ready for some H20 fun! While real cactuses require water, this one just likes to float in it. This silly succulent floats for all you water lovin’ dogs out there. Maybe it will even distract your pup during dreaded bathtime. While this toy comes in one size, it’s unique shape makes tugging and throwing a blast for dogs of every size.

No excuses to not make this cool chew toy your hot dogs new favorite toy all year round.

Getting ready for the Holidays? Check out this great toy gift set for the dog (err.. person) who has everything. Two of our favorite dog toys, the Silly Succulent Cactus Toy and the Buzzy Bumble Bee Toy are now available as a set and specially priced – 20% off! Can’t beat that!

Perfect for the pup who likes to keep busy!

Need more convincing? Check out some of our sharp lookin’, pupped approved pics here: https://www.instagram.com/shopwaggo/ and be sure to take a look at all of our designer dog products too.

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