Aug 29, 2014


imageDog: Foxy

Mom: Kellie

  1. What’s Foxy’s backstory? Adopted in NYC from Bobbi and the Strays.  I found her listing on Craigslist, she was being fostered on Long Island.  When I went to meet her she totally ignored me.  The day the foster dropped her off, we sat on the floor and cried together.  I am still in touch with her foster mom to this day,  11 years later!   Supposedly she came in from Puerto Rico and was abandoned at JFK.  She had been in a few homes and was very shy to say the least.
  2. Craziest thing you have done with her?I would say move her to London and push her around in a stroller because of her arthritis.  People can be really mean about the stroller.  I always say I would like to put a sign on the front that says, “F you, my leg hurts, but I still love being outside.”
  3. Favorite Toy? Her stuffed Cat that Meows when you squeeze it. I buy them in bulk.  She cries every time it Meows.
  4. Do you guys look alike?  Yes, I think so.  We used to be young and thin.  Now we are both older and a little dumpy.  HA HA
  5. Favorite human food? She LOVES fish.  I would say Salmon is her fave.

Don’t forget, there’s a few more days of #dogust! Stop by @animalhaven or @animalrefugeleague to #adopt today and receive a free gift courtesy or #waggo!
Aug 27, 2014

Don’t forget, there’s a few more days of #dogust! Stop by @animalhaven or @animalrefugeleague to #adopt today and receive a free gift courtesy or #waggo!

Aug 26, 2014
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Our pups are incredible companions and friends that are loyal, cuddly, and always there when you need them. Dogs truly are a man’s best friend and are a great inspiration – even to celebrities! Check out these uplifting and heart warming stories about celebrities and their four-legged friends.

Did you know that the popular song “Martha My Dear” by the world The Beatles was actually inspired by Paul McCartney’s Old English Sheepdog of the same name? So when the catchy tune is stuck in your head, think about what pooch pals inspire you. How do your dogs inspire your creativity?

P!nk, another music industry veteran, has a passion for pets, including lovable pups. A few years ago, devastating news broke about a puppy being savagely tossed into the L.A. river. P!nk came to the rescue and doled out $5,000 to help pay for an emergency operation, which ultimately saved the dog’s life. The dog,  named Stella, made an full recovery and found a forever home with a local family.

Another inspiring story is of disc jockey Howard Stern and his wife, Beth Stern, whose beautiful bulldog Bianca inspired them to raise money for the North Shore Animal League. Beth Stern is an animal league spokesperson and advocate for animals. 

When Bianca passed away, Beth was devastated and heartbroken. But instead of sulking in her pain from her newfound loss, Beth took action. She decided to get to work and raise money for the North Shore Animal League, to encourage others to adopt and foster pets in need. Beth ended up fostering another bulldog as well as a number of kittens.

Beth, an all around animal lover, took her tragedy and transformed her pain into action, which helped all her furry friends and their families.

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of famed rocker Ozzy Osbourne also has an affinity for four legged friends. Her dogs have proven to be her best of friends and even a life saver. Kelly recently posted a picture on Instagram and said, “#MyDogJustSavedMyLife we just went for a walk and I fell because Willy pulled me back from getting hit by a car!!!! Then he jumped on top of me to protect me! #WhatAHero!”

Kelly’s love of dogs is the motivation behind her philanthropic efforts. Currently she donates to the Onyz and Breezy Foundation, which helps fund spay and neuter programs, cancer research and overall animal health and welfare. 

How You Know That You’re Obsessed With Your Dog…
Aug 19, 2014

How You Know That You’re Obsessed With Your Dog…

Aug 18, 2014

Dogust Interview #5

imageDog: Penny
Dad: Rob

  1. What’s Penny’s backstory? I was looking at dogs on for about a year, when one day I came across Penny. She was the most adorable dog I had seen. Penny was from an unwanted litter and her sister had already been adopted. I knew I had to have her in my life. So without meeting her, I committed to adopting her, and it was the best decision of my life. She’s my partner in crime, and I couldn’t imagine life without her.
  2. Favorite weekend activity?We like to hit the trails and go on long walks. She’s a trail blazer for sure.
  3. Weird habits? She likes to wrap her blanket around her bone and then chew on it. Her blanket has A LOT of holes in it.
  4. Have you hosted a birthday party for your her? No, but we did just celebrate our 1 year anniversary! 
  5. Favorite human food? Peanut butter.
Take a look at our back to school paperclip and pencil rope dog toy in the September issue of Woman’s Day! 
Aug 17, 2014

Take a look at our back to school paperclip and pencil rope dog toy in the September issue of Woman’s Day! 

“come on dad, it’s time for your walk.”
Aug 16, 2014

come on dad, it’s time for your walk.”

Aug 15, 2014

Dogust Interview #4

imageDog: Chaplin
Mom: Shiri

  1. What’s Chaplin’s backstory?  I tried to adopt a dog from several different agencies with no success. My attempts were mostly ignored, but in January of 2013 I got a response back from Little Monsters about a little spotted dog. I sent the photo to all of my family members and the reaction was pretty dismal. Most everyone thought he looked sick, or devilish (he has a red pigment to his skin which kind makes his eyes look satanic <3). As a photographer, I knew I couldn’t rely on the crappy cellphone photo and my boyfriend and I decided we would visit regardless because we were just too excited that we had the opportunity to get this dog! We just figured we would be those people with the not so cute dog…. buuut once we saw him, we melted. We took him home that night, and named him Chaplin because he was black and white and didn’t bark—-although the last part didn’t last long!
  2. If your dog had an accent, what would it be? My bf thinks french, but I think he speaks in Old English (while wearing a top hot and manacle)
  3. Favorite toy? Basically anything that isn’t one of his toys. 
  4. Craziest thing you’ve done for your dog?Besides dressing him in blazers and ties, I think that subscribing and paying for ‘Dog TV’ so that he can watch when we aren’t home was pretty crazy.
  5. Favorite human food? ICE !!!
  6. Nicknames? Chaps, Ol’ Chap, Sir Chaplin ‘mr.comfortable’ Aroshnett, Little Man, and  ”Get Down”.
Aug 14, 2014


Summertime is a great time to soak up the sun and be outdoors with your four-legged pal. You can take a long walk with your dog, go to the dog park, take a dip in the river, or go on a long road trip and savor those special moments with your pup.

However, dog owners need to be aware that some dogs do better in hot weather than others. Here are five types of dogs that do well in hotter weather and can soak up the sun with you:

Chihuahua: These miniature-sized dogs aren’t just adorable, they also handle the heat extremely well. Their tiny stature and minimal fur make it easy to stand hot weather and get around without too much trouble.

German Shorthaired Pointer: This is a very versatile, intelligent dog, that can hunt and point and in general they are very good athletes. They are energetic, explorative and have a water-resistant coat, which helps them regulate and control their temperature. If you’re looking for a dog that can stand the heat and join you on a long hike, or hunt, this dog is a great companion.

American Water Spaniel: This curly-maned cutie is also a great hunter and per their namesake, also does extremely well in water. While they have a dense fur coat to help with hunting, it also naturally protects them from intense heat and extreme temperatures.

Airedale Terrier: This high-energy breed is a good sporting dog with lots of stamina and endurance to accompany you on any adventure. Their coat handles hot weather well, but if it gets a little too long you can trim it up.

Italian Greyhound: These spunky, gregarious dogs are perfect for hot weather. They have a slim frame and a thin coat of fur to handle the heat. That means they don’t have much to work with in colder climates, but they are the perfect summertime companions.

These breeds, in addition to many others, love hot weather and can be great adventurers. When considering other breeds that do well in the summer and hotter climates, it’s important to evaluate three things:

  • Coat: How thick or thin is their coat of fur? Do they need to have their fur trimmed? Are they prone to getting sunburns?
  • Facial Structure: Panting is how dogs “sweat” to cool off, so a dog’s facial structure can make it more difficult or easier to pant. For example, dog breeds with shorter noses have a harder time cooling themselves in summer.
  • Size: Some very large dogs do not do well in the heat, due to sheer mass and body density. Consider size when choosing a breed that does well in hotter climates.

 What are your favorite summer-loving dog breeds?