Dog Greeting Cards

Waggo Benny Christmas cards illustrated by Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead

We came across the talented illustrator Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead a few years back and commissioned her to create some greeting cards for us at the holidays. She’s known for her darling custom portraits of dogs and cats, as well as her floral patterns and embroideries. We’ve been following her work ever since and wanted to re-introduce her work to our Waggo fans. A big thanks to Jo for answering our questions! Continue reading


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We love a story with a happy ending and we came across one that simultaneously broke our hearts and made us cheer with joy! If you need your daily cry, read this story about Rusty that we came across on The Dodo. If ever there was a reason to adopt a rescue dog, this story will give you all the reasons you could ever need! Spoiler alert: things end well for Rusty! It’s Dogust, so go on and celebrate all the rescue pups out there! Adopt, don’t shop!


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The first of the month marks the annual celebration of Dogust and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate the rescue dogs! Technically, August 1 marks the day to celebrate the unknown birthdays of rescue dogs but we’ve never been ones to celebrate our birthdays for one day only. Nay, a month long celebration is in order for these pups! Celebrate with some extra specials treats, a new toy (may we suggest one of ours?!) or even just a long walk in the park will be much appreciated by your pooch. Our rescue dogs have stolen our hearts, show them so love during their special month!  Continue reading

Today is National Mutt Day! Needless to say it’s one of our favorite doggy-centric holidays here at Waggo, so we decided to celebrate by creating a fun quiz for you to enjoy over this summer weekend. (The dog days of summer are here, indeed. ) You can find more information on the history of this very special holiday here. In the meantime, simply click on the above image and you’ll be guided through a few fun questions to analyze.. What Kind of Mutt Are You? We found ourselves playing it more than just a few times. Enjoy!

Dogmilk GiveawayGood news for the sleepy pups out there! We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite doggy-centric blogs, Dog Milk, to bring you a chance to win one your very own Waggo dog beds. All you have to do is answer a few quick questions here and you’ll be entered into the dog bed giveaway. As many a pup can testify our designer dog beds are soft as a cloud and cute enough to complement any home decor. You can view all of our luxury dog bed options for your fur babies here. The contest ends July 26, 2015, so hurry and get yourself (and your pup) entered to win!


takeyourdogtoworkdayToday marks one of our favorite holidays, Take Your Dog to Work Day! While we’re lucky enough to have our pooches in the office everyday of the week, it’s still fun to have a dedicated day for the working pup (well…sleeping pup). All week long we’ve been posting pics of hardworking pups on our Instagram and it looks like they’re running the show already! We’d love to see pics you’ve snapped of your dog in Waggo attire while working hard between the hours of 9 and 5! Please send to or tag us in your photos on Instagram.


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This past weekend we took our own advice and tackled our last minute spring cleaning with fervor and gusto! The results were inspiring. Three bags of clothes were donated to charity, wall art was finally hung up and despite the gorgeous blue skies and warm weather, we relished the time spent in our ultra clean apartments. Our spring cleaning at home got us thinking about how to do the same with our workspaces. An interview  on with Sarah McNally, owner of McNally Jackson bookstore in NYC and newly opened Goods for the Study, shares some useful advice on how to create both a beautiful and functional workspace.

spring cleaning for the modern homeIt’s already June and summer is officially right around the corner, and if you’re anything like us the annual spring cleaning venture may have taken a backseat this past season. Not to worry, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to make the most out of squeezing in a quick cleaning and mini-redecorating session before the summer solstice.
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