Classic Ceramic Dog Bowls that are Too Hot Two Handle

Ceramic Dog Bowls Too Hot Two Handle

Our newest ceramic dog bowls are just Too Hot Two Handle! These modern bowls come in four colors — Cherry, Mint, Light Grey and a Classic White. The handles make it easy to carry this bowl and add a little unique touch to a simple design. The bowls are embossed with “Dog” on the front just so your dog knows who they belong to!

These designer dog bowls are not just pretty but are so easy to care for as well! The heavyweight design keeps the bowls from slipping around and they can be easily put in the dishwasher for easy clean up! Pair them with our rubber bubbles placemat to set the table nicely for your pup. Like to make fancy meals for your dog? These bowls are also microwave safe for your dog’s next gourmet meal.

We think your pup will love these bowls, spruce up their mealtime this Fall!

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